6R Raymond Grinding Mill Principles and Performance Overview

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6R Raymond Grinding Mill summarizes:

Raymond Grinding Mill, also known as R-type pendulum mill, is suitable for the grinding of non-flammable and explosive ore with Mohs hardness of not more than 6 and water content below 6%, such as barite, calcite, and potash feldspar. , talc, marble, limestone and ceramics, the machine's finished particle size can be adjusted between 100 meshes and 325 meshes, and 50 meshes to 80 mesh coarse powders can be produced by adding the device.

銆怓eeding particle size銆:35mm
銆怭roduction Capacity銆:5-15t/h
銆怉pplication銆:Applicable to the high-precision milling of various materials in the mining, metallurgy, chemical, building materials and other industries, and the finished product particle size is adjusted in the scope of the target.

Raymond Grinding Mill

After the material is sent to the grinding area of the large 6r Raymond Grinding Mill, the material is shovelled by the blade and sent to the grinding belt formed by the grinding roller and the grinding ring. A high-pressure spring is installed in the grinding device to increase the grinding pressure between the grinding roller and the grinding ring by 1.2 times.At the same time, the frequency of the back and forth oscillation of the roller device is reduced, the stability is increased, and the working efficiency of the Raymond Grinding Mill is significantly improved. The pulverized material under the action of the recirculating wind, with the flow of air rising into the analyzer accurately granulated, does not meet the requirements of the host re-polishing, meet the requirements of the particles into the cyclone with the air flow, remove, powder from the out The material outlet is discharged and the airflow is returned to the fan. During the grinding process, the proper amount of air flow is circulated through the pipe device inside the machine, and the excess air formed by the evaporation of moisture in the material enters the return air pipe and is discharged after being cleaned by a bag filter or a pulse dust collector.

New Raymond Grinding Mill uses a sealed gear box and pulleys on the main drive to ensure smooth transmission and reliable operation.If you want to know more specifications, please contact us online, or leave a message to us, thank you!

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